2020 at Storefront


–The gallery remains closed.

–Our new On Maintenance program continues with StorefrontTV Season 3.

–Storefront commits to action in response to Black Lives Matter.


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StorefrontTV Season 3: On Maintenance


StorefrontTV Season 3 presents a series of newly commissioned videos that together explore and redefine the notion of maintenance.


The season airs weekly on Wednesday evenings at 6 pm. Check back weekly to learn about participating artists.


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Storefront TV Season 3, Episode 13: Re-model


By Rafael Domenech


WATCH LIVE on Wednesday, September 16,

6:00-6:20 pm ET


In Re-model: la ciudad más allá de la ciudad, the 13th episode of StorefrontTV Season 3, Rafael Domenech examines the relationship between city and building, exploring how we dwell in different spaces and inhabit multiple realities.


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StorefrontTV Season 3, Episode 12: Unmet Needs


By Melanie Gilligan


Wednesday, September 9th,

6:00-6:10 pm ET


In Unmet Needs, the 12th episode of StorefrontTV Season 3, Melanie Gilligan investigates care for older people in Ontario, Canada, exploring manifestations of intimacy, value of labor, agency, and access.


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